Take ctrl of the news today! Now you can personalize your news feed in a way never done before

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As some of you might have already noticed, a new version of ctrl-News is now online. This version includes many new features along with a completely revamped and more user-friendly design.


The new website allows you to add subjects of interest on the fly using the “ctrl-this” functionality. It also displays the Entities (companies, people, tournaments, publications, brands, products, countries, etc) and the category automatically identified for each article along with the pre-existing sections of the summary, the key topics, as well as a sample of topically related articles.


Also added are two sections that allow you to view the automatically generated “Hot News” and “Most Followed” (article) as well as your ratings’ statistics and friends’ invitations status.


The new ctrl-News version makes your user-experience more pleasant!


ctrl-News always welcome your comments/feedback.


Via Pragmatech R&D Team – ctrl Group



About Ramy Ghaly
Ramy Ghaly is a Marketing Technologist at Pragmatech. He's in charge of Pragmatech's online marketing strategy and implementation. Ramy has launched several successful online and social media marketing campaigns including a 6-month community and awareness building campaign that led to a listing in the reputable multi-client study of the Gilbane Group. Pragmatech's flagship product 'ctrl', a semantic search engine, was the only technology coming out of the Middle East that was recognized in the report, entitled "Semantic Technologies: Landscape of High Value Applications for the Enterprise", cited in additon to Pragmatech's semantic engine some of the largest software companies and leading research labs in the world.

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