New Products Announced at SemTech 2011

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New Products Announced at SemTech 2011


Leading industry companies will unveil and debut the newest products paving the way in semantic technology.


New York, New York (PRWEB) June 01, 2011 (a division of WebMediaBrands Inc., Nasdaq: WEBM) today announced new product releases that will be revealed at the Semantic Technology Conference (#SemTech), the world’s largest conference on the commercialization of semantic technologies, taking place June 5-9, 2011 at the San Francisco Hilton in Union Square.


SemTech is the preferred industry platform for exhibitors to announce product launches and breaking news. Attendees will have the rare opportunity to view products and services from top industry insiders including the following: 


Revelytix will discuss several products, including: Spyder – a Relational to RDF conversion tool, Spinner – a SPARQL federation tool, and Rex – a RIF rules engine. Together these tools transform the information management capabilities of any enterprise.


Oracle will show how semantic tools within Oracle Database can effectively store, manage, inference and query RDF/OWL data for enterprise applications.


Ontotext will present the Web Mining Framework, (WMF) which involves a process of focused web crawling, screen scraping, text-mining, normalization, data merging, and de-duplication, resulting in normalized, structured data.


Inform Technologies will launch the Inform AdContext Service, which uses semantic metadata to fine-tune ad selection and make ads more topically relevant to the content.


Clark & Parsia will show how Pellet 3 (a leading OWL 2 reasoner) and Stardog (the new, world-class RDF database featuring fast SPARQL query performance) can be used to build fast and scalable semantic applications for the enterprise.


Cambridge Semantics will demonstrate how non-technical business users can combine Microsoft Excel and Anzo ETL to intuitively create mappings from an existing clinical database to the industry standard SDTM ontology and do live analysis.


Cray, Inc. will launch the Cray XMT System, designed specifically to run challenging big data graph analytics workloads that bring traditional systems to their knees.


Pragmatech will debut CTRL, a semantic engine that goes beyond words into concepts, which are then composed into topics that are subsequently analyzed to identify the ‘key’ topics that describe what a certain document is about.


ai-one will debut the Topic-Mapper SDK for text, enabling creation of intelligent applications that deliver better capabilities for semantic discovery, lightweight ontologies, knowledge collaboration, sentiment analysis, AI and data mining.


Talis will present Kasabi, a new web application that aims to support organisations in the publishing and monetization of data on the web.
Protégé will provide updated information on the latest enhancements to the tool and a description of WebProtégé, the web-based version that provides lightweight ontology editing directly in your ontology browser.


Knowledge Hives will introduce Civet, which uses NLP techniques to identify and analyze keywords in text; map them to concepts from vocabularies such as WordNet; and deliver an RDFa document with key words, phrases and names referencing Linked Data concepts.
Semantrix will debut its SM3 Social Multimedia Metadata Manager, which delivers enhanced content value through metadata extraction, annotation and cross-referencing using NLP, Search, Ontology and proprietary concept extraction.


MIT and Zepheira will show the latest work on Exhibit 3.0, fixing many shortcomings of the original, popular tool from the MIT Simile Project, making it far more scalable, modular, and feature rich.


To register for the conference, request a press pass, or to view the program schedule, visit
2011 SemTech sponsors, leading vendors, and developers will demonstrate dozens of innovations at the SemTech Expo Hall.
They include Ontotext, Oracle, Revelytix, Elsevier, Fluid Operations, iQser, Ontoprise, OpenAmplify, OpenText, Orbis, TopQuadrant, XSB, Cognition, Morgan Kaufmann, Expert System, Tom Sawyer Software, Semantic Valley, Semantifi, Liaison Technologies, DERI, Franz, Semantic Arts, Semsphere, and more.


For sponsorship and exhibit information, contact: 


Frank Fazio
Senior Director of Sales, Events


About WebMediaBrands Inc.


WebMediaBrands Inc. (Nasdaq: WEBM) (, headquartered in New York, NY, is a leading Internet media company that provides content, education, and career services to media and creative professionals through a portfolio of vertical online properties, communities, and trade shows. The Company’s online business includes: (i), a leading blog network providing content, education, community, and career resources (including the industry’s leading online job board) about major media industry verticals including new media, social media, Facebook, TV news, sports news, advertising, public relations, publishing, design, mobile, and the Semantic Web; and (ii), a leading network of online properties providing content, education, community, career, and other resources for creative and design professionals. The Company’s online business also includes community, membership and e-commerce offerings including a freelance listing service, a marketplace for designing and purchasing logos and premium membership services. The Company’s trade show and educational offerings include conferences, online and in-person courses, and video subscription libraries on topics covered by the Company’s online business.


All WebMediaBrands press releases are here:
For information about WebMediaBrands contact:
Amanda Barrett
Director of Marketing


About Ramy Ghaly
Ramy Ghaly is a Marketing Technologist at Pragmatech. He's in charge of Pragmatech's online marketing strategy and implementation. Ramy has launched several successful online and social media marketing campaigns including a 6-month community and awareness building campaign that led to a listing in the reputable multi-client study of the Gilbane Group. Pragmatech's flagship product 'ctrl', a semantic search engine, was the only technology coming out of the Middle East that was recognized in the report, entitled "Semantic Technologies: Landscape of High Value Applications for the Enterprise", cited in additon to Pragmatech's semantic engine some of the largest software companies and leading research labs in the world.

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